Kanye West Is on A Role: Black Skin Head remix & More…

I wake up this morning and i look through my different sources for hip hop media and I come across a Kanye West “Black Skin head” remix… Normally I would over look this because it’s been so long since Yeezus dropped that I would think it’s just a up and coming rapper trying to get shine of Yeezy’s name. Now I said normally, but since Hot new hip hop is a trusted source I believed, so I decided to listen. Now just as a pre-cursor the track features the lovable Miley Cyrus and none other than the guy who can’t do wrong right now Mr. Travis Scott. You Can listen to the Audio below:

Kanye West has been hitting us with a consistent stream of music since the new year. After a long break, he’s finally been releasing the music so many people have eagerly been waiting for. Last week he hit us with “No more Parties in LA” his first ever collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, the song has Yeezy rapping like the Kanye of Old…

He has an edge to him, an eagerness to prove he can still make music at a high level (Not that anyone has doubted this fact). Before “No more parties…” He gave us “Real Friends” a soulful track about the shortcomings of dealing with friends once you’ve reached the level he’s in… All in all Mr. West seems to have caught a stride, and he’s rather unstoppable at the moment. If all this music is any indication of what his new album will be like, the I’m not alone when I say I can’t wait.  Oh yeah and btw, anyone know any good burger spots in Arizona?


Tom ‘The Music man’

Travis Scott…California, and a whole lot of Mustard

I made it out to Cali! and on my way here I think I heard my favorite song in a while. Many of you may not be familiar with the name Travis Scott, but the boy is talented – I realized this while I was listening to his album ‘The Rodeo’ a combination of hard hitting beats with clever well written lyrics that do a great job of setting tones and vibes throughout the listen.

DJ Mustard has been quiet for quiet sometime, but during a power 105.1 radio interview in 2014 he did mention that he was working on new music, and trying to switch up his sound. I think his new collaboration with Travis Scott is definitely a step in the right direction.

“Whole Lotta Lovin” embodies the trippy vibe of many of Travis Scotts records, while still capturing DJ mustards ability to make catchy melodies. The video is shot and directed in what looks to be the Hollywood Hills… Scott is tripping his way through a party while the drugs are kicking in, you see party goers faces start to melt symbolizing the high. Im not too much into the whole drug vibe, but damn these guys make the shit look fun, These guys must have one hell of a limo service if they’re able to get that drunk and high and not have to worry about how they’re getting home. Anyway… Hope You guys enjoy this song as much as I did, I’ll be sure to keep you updated from the West coast!

Who is Post Malone?

The Internet has been in a frenzy these past couple of months, and it’s over a rapper with the name ‘Post Malone’.

I first encountered Post Malone when listening to a radio station in Philadelphia, and immediately the song stood out to me.

White Iverson cut through the noise, and I was hooked. Something about the melodic rapping, over that hypnotic beat just stuck with me.

As I looked to find more info on this cat I couldn’t, I gathered what i got and decided to write about it.


Who exactly is Post Malone? 

“White Iverson” is arguably one of the biggest hits of the year, the melodic singing/rapping has a way of captivating listeners. Post Malone had no idea this song would do as big as it has, but he’s definitely grateful for the love.

With over 40 million listens on Soundcloud and almost 14 million on YouTube, it’s a miracle people are still asking who this man is.  While he’s no Drizzy or J. Cole he does have an undeniable hit. Check out the video below to see the visual for ‘White Iverson’.

Born in Texas Post Malone says he was raised around music, but his parents were never musical, He’s been rapping for about years and White Iverson was the first song he had ever really released.

We don’t know what is next for Post Malone, but I thank him for making the radio a little more pleasant these days.